IEEE 1588 Syn1588®Clock_M Core

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Oregano Systems LogoSYN1588®CLOCK_MIP-Core提供了适用于IEEE 1588标准1.0和2.0的高精度时钟同步,适用于工业以太网应用程序。bobappios下载地址它提供了高分辨率,高精度的硬件时钟,它使用基于96位宽的加法器的时钟架构,允许支持输入时钟频率在10 - 200 MHz的范围内。bob电子竞技俱乐部此外,SYN1588 CLOCK_M包括MII扫描仪单元,其扫描所有以太网流量,以寻找IEEE 1588同步分组。在检测到任何这样的分组后,它将来自本地时钟的96位宽时间戳与状态和识别数据一起复制到时墨FIFO中。

Evaluation and Licensing Terms

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  • bob电子竞技俱乐部支持10/100 Mbit / s半和全双工模式
  • 使用PTP版本1.0和版本2.0堆栈(Linux或Windows®)提供
  • Supports SPI cascade and independent slave mode
  • SPI数据速率高达20 Mbit / sec
  • 16-bit SPI data transfers, 32 bit interface to the internal SPI controller
  • 1 pps output
  • 2个时段定时器输出,周期为14,000秒,低于100 nsec。
  • 2 event input which draws a time stamp and stores it in the time stamp FIFO
  • Events may be processed at a burst rate of 5 MHz, depentent on host processor speed
  • 2触发输出信号可用于在给定时间点生成信号转换
  • All event, period, and trigger signals are strictly synchronous to the internal high accuracy clock
  • Delivered with test bench, 100% code coverage guaranteed
  • Optional support of GPS timing receivers
  • RMII Interface option available upon request



  • Test and Measurement
  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Telecom
  • Military
  • Power Industry


Block Diagram

此图显示了以绿色突出显示的SYN1588 CLOCK_M IP核心以及如何将其连接到通信系统中。

Performance and Size

The following are typical performance and utilization results.

Lattice Device Slices luts. REGs EBRs fMAX (MHz)
XP 2178 2866 1941 2 75
XP2 2069 2834 1941 2 125

Ordering Information

俄勒冈州系统支持和销售此IP内核bob电子竞技俱乐部,请联系牛夜系统 visit their website atwww.oreganosystems.atfor more information.


Oregano IEEE 1588 Syn1588 Clock_M Data Sheet
The SYN1588®Clock_M IP-core provides highly accurate clock synchronization compliant to the IEEE 1588 standard version 1.0 and 2.0 for industrial Ethernet applications.
1/22/2008 PDF 74.3 KB

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